The present NYSGBOA was first an organization of 16 boards and was affiliated with National Association of Girls and Women Sports (NAGWS). Irene Greco of the Utica Board was the first president. For many factors this association did not meet our needs, movement was made by a number of people to move away from this national organization, and in 1980 the present NYSGBOA was in place with Ann Gallagher of the Suffolk board our first president. This new organization was recognized by New York Public High School Athletic Association as the organization to officiate all women basketball contests.

By 1986, NYSGBOA had 24 boards across NYS with membership just over 1,900 officials. These past 10 years two boards divided memberships due to geographical factors and more demand for certified officials. Today we have 26 boards with membership hovering around 2,400.

There is much history to this organization, from ratifying our constitution three time, changing dress for contests, having 11 different presidents, with some individuals serving more then just one time as officers, for the organization these past 27 years. Our organization is stronger, possible by early mistakes, or better heads.